Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being true to who you are

I really did want to go camping. The car was overflowing with camping gear, and I had visions of smores around the campfire in my head. We got to our cabin, and it was actually better than I had anticipated. There wasn't a refridgerator, but that was our fault--we misread the cabin details.

By morning, after getting no sleep on an uncomfortable rubber mattress and having to trek to the bathroom numerous times and having to chase the baby through the woods (evidently, she LOVES camping), I found I just needed to admit I did not find this fun. Or relaxing. In fact, if anything, I was more stressed out than before.

I could have made it three nights. I could have worked on getting the kids to anticipate bathroom needs. I could have gotten used to no air conditioning, or the kids picking up and bringing me every imaginable bug known to man.

But why? Besides my ego and hating to admit defeat, there was no good reason to stay. So, 18 hours after rolling into camp, we rolled out. We spent the afternoon instead at a kids amusement park, checking out the water park area which we had never ventured into before. We bought a fire pit for our deck, and we've got the smores on the ready. It's not roughing it, but it's a lot more me.

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