Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glutton for punishment

Because its not enough that I'm totally immersed in making Tandem Learning successful, I've decided that now would be a good time to also get in shape. Last year, I spent three months working out with a personal trainer. The goal, besides getting back in shape after having the littlest Olbrish, was to have pin up pictures taken. No, I'm not going to post my pictures, but here is the link to the very talented photographer who shot them for me.

After having the photo shoot in September, I kept up my workouts for awhile, but by October had stopped them because of other family events that were taking up my time. I fully intended to pick it back up again, but days to weeks to months later, I'm still not working out like I'd like to be.

A friend had been doing the P90X system. I am not promoting any particular exercise or diet program, but she really looks fantastic, and she's only on day 50-something. So I've bought the system, and today is officially DAY 1.

It's going to be difficult to find an hour to workout every day. Its going to be tough eating enough protein and very few carbs. I have no idea how I'll do this as I'm traveling over the next few months. But there's never a good time to start something new. Best just to get on with it. I'll keep you posted on the 90 day fitness extravaganza.

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  1. Just as an update, end of Day 1, did the first workout video--to say I finished it would be overstating my efforts. But I did do one rep at least of every exercise and I managed not to throw up. 89 days to go...