Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lively analysis

I've built a room in Lively, Google's first offering in virtual worlds. Let's be honest, and I think many have said it already, its really just a 3D chatroom. Avatar and room customizations are limited compared to Second Life. Finding a room you are interested in visiting is a bit challenging (shocking that Google can't figure out logic for organization...hello? metadata?). I couldn't figure out how to sit down for awhile. On a positive, but not unique, note, the chat feature functions like There.com, which is probably the thing I like best about Lively.

I feel like Google has let me down, really. I'm a fan of user-generated content as a whole, and I don't think many companies have done it much better. Except maybe Linden Labs. So why wouldn't Google have tried to do Second Life, but better and more user friendly? Or partnered with Second Life? Or bought them?

No one has figured out the magic formula of complexity/simplicity that is going to make virtual worlds and 3D environments mainstream. I had high hopes for Google. Now I'm waiting to see what, if anything, anyone else can do. I'm officially throwing down the gauntlet. Don't make me have to figure this out myself...

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