Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slow build

I really try to be a patient person. I understand that things take time, that some things shouldn't be rushed. I also understand "circumstances" and try to consider them in relation to my expectations.

Again, I find myself wanting things to move more quickly. We've got numerous hiring pots being stirred, and how each of those turn out will affect how the next few months go. We've got both products getting close to roll out to the world, and we need to figure out how we're going to unveil them. We're about to move (hopefully) into new office space, and that has taken awhile to move forward. And we have several client proposals out right now, that could set the financial tone for at least the early part of this fall.

With all this movement on all of these fronts, I should be happy with how things are progressing. Yet I want to move faster, want to get there quicker. I feel like a little kid, on a long car trip traveling for our family vacation. It seems like its taking forever to get there and the excitement just keeps building. Its a slow build to what I hope is a spectacular destination.

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