Sunday, July 27, 2008

Corporate makeovers

I don't really like shopping anymore. I don't have time for lots of browsing, and the thought of spending a significant amount of time in a dressing room is enough to keep me from even walking into a store.

And yet, we're embarking on a shopping trip to "redress" our company. Our branding served us well for our first few months, but even when we settled on the initial concepts and logo, we knew that we would need to revisit it again when we had more time. We actually don't have more time now, just more urgency. Tandem Learning is about to have its coming out party and we need to make sure we're dressed to impress.

We spent time revisiting our Mission Statement, then thinking of words and feelings that we'd like our brand to represent. I'm feeling really optimistic about where we're heading, and looking forward to receiving concept sheets from graphic designers to whom we've given our thoughts and direction.

I'm looking forward to stepping out in our new attire. Stay tuned, I'm shooting for whistling and cat calls when we launch our new branding.

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