Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fast or big?

Can't remember if I mentioned that the first draft of my first book is done. We're deep into editing mode now, but the completion of the book has prompted a big decision to make: how to publish it?

Before the first page was even written, I had assumed that I would do some sort of vanity press, self-publishing, POD option. I've checked into Lulu, Lightning Source, and Booksurge as some viable options. Each of these would allow me to get copies of my book relatively quickly and provide them to prospective clients as a form of education on virtual worlds, and of course, as a marketing tool. Speed seems to be the key factor in this marketplace right now, and as quickly as the book has gotten done, self-publishing seems like the fastest way to get it into people's hands.

So what's the problem? I really think the book is good. It would be nice to actually have it published and promoted by someone other than me. It would be nice to have the credibility of a publisher behind all of this hard work. Somehow, I think it would be more legitimate.

But it will be a lot slower.

I still haven't decided which way I should go yet. Another day, another big decision...

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