Sunday, August 17, 2008

Calm before the storm

I've neglected my posting lately, not because I don't have anything to write about but more because things are so hectic that finding the time to collect my thoughts has been difficult. We've completed the first product demo and have gotten our presentation deck in place. We've finally landed new office space and will shortly be moving in. We've gotten numerous client meetings set up to introduce our new product. We've been chasing down a couple prospects to hire (that's taken more time and energy than I'd like to admit). And amidst all of this action, the book that I have been wanting to write since last fall is FINALLY done. Things are moving, and quickly.

Yet, I know this is the calm before the storm...a small window to catch our breath before a whirlwind of sales and delivery overtakes us. As busy as I feel, I know that this is nothing yet. I know that things are about to change drastically. I'm sure I'll be looking back at August 2008 as the last time we could take a deep breath for awhile.

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