Monday, August 29, 2011

Activity leads to...everything

Several years ago now, I was taking on sales responsibilities as part of my job. I had never sold anything before and I had no idea how to do it. My mentor and then boss, Kevin Kruse (@kruse), wisely advised me "activity leads to sales." His point, as I understood won't sell anything if you're not actively trying to sell things. With enough activity, opportunities come your way and eventually that leads to sales. 

I've found over the years that his advice isn't just relevant to sales. Activity leads to opportunity, change, and growth. I'm not talking about random or unstructured activity...I'm advocating strategic activity, activity backed by a plan and purpose. The most successful people I know are the people who throw themselves out there, take risks, make mistakes and keep moving forward. With their activity, new options and opportunities present themselves, their plans and activities change and expand as they accomplish their goals, and they are constantly evolving. 

Evolution is the ultimate change. Change is constant, but evolution is not...evolution is a fundamental change in form or structure, a change that is an improvement, that demonstrates an adaption to context and environment. Activity is the catalyst to change, to adaption and to evolution. Without activity, there is little chance of accomplishing your goals, fewer chances to try new things, fewer opportunities to learn new skills. 

Activity leads to everything. So, what are you doing?

Thanks to Marcia Conner for the tweet that inspired this post:

@marciamarciaMarcia Conner
Achievement seems to be connected w/ action. Successful ppl keep moving. They make mistakes but don't quit. Conrad Hilton


  1. Wonderful post, Koreen, and yet another incentive to be a curious, student of life - you might just end up a success!

  2. Imma save this for those times when I need to be reminded why I'm doing what I'm doing. Very inspiring! Thanks Koreen 'and' Marcia :)

  3. Great post, Koreen. In my case, I have come to the realization that since there are only 24 hours in a day - and my family wants to see me from time to time - FOCUSED activity is the key to generating opportunity. : )

  4. Michael, GREAT point...I had to learn that when I started my company...maybe we should also add PRIORITIZED activity!

    And thanks Brian, Trina, and all inspire me to JFDI :)

  5. If you liked that, you're gonna love what comes up tomorrow morning related to why Kevin told you that! Terrific post. Thanks for sharing and reminding us how tweets help construct new ideas and mashups of the old with the new. They remain my favorite activity catalyst.