Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not big enough

Perhaps all new companies with grand plans (or delusions of grandeur, as the case may be) run into the occasional problem of thinking too small. It's any easy trap to fall into. You plan to make tons of money and have rapid growth, but you get bogged down in little projects and with clients with limited buying potential. You don't step back far enough to think about the big picture strategy and tactics that you need to employ to help you achieve your goals. You stay too focused on what you are comfortable with and don't push yourself to try new things, risky things, that may take you out of your comfort zone but have the potential for great reward.

I fall into this trap every so often, although I'm lucky to have the other Rockstars around me to remind me when we're going down the "not big enough" path.

The biggest risk for me is thinking like a small company instead of a big one. You need to act and make decisions as if you've already achieved your business goals. A client asks you to do a $5k project? Not big enough. You are struggling to hit your sales goals for the year? Definitely not big enough.

When you're faced with a new decision or challenge, think about how you would approach it if your company had already achieved your goals. And then you just might be thinking big enough.

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