Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad communication

Yesterday was frustrating. Still no progress on getting Sharepoint working on our new server, and our email was down for hours. A few tips for anyone in a client support role:

  • Tell me if you don't know how to do something--either I'll figure out another option, or we'll figure it out together
  • Don't charge me for your learning curve, unless I agree to it in advance
  • Itemize what you are charging me for
  • Tell me in advance if the work you are doing may disrupt the work I am doing
  • When you think something is fixed, let me know so I can test it
  • Let me know when something is fixed
  • Tell me what the problem is--I'm a big girl, I can take it. Oh, and yes, I will probably understand it too
  • Even if you don't, pretend like you care that things are all messed up (if I think you care, I won't be as mad at you)

Nothing is more frustrating than bad communication. Except maybe no communication. So try to call people when the going gets rough, and remember to be nice.

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