Friday, May 9, 2008

To Do lists

There are lots of people who seem to be able to get stuff done of their own accord, but I am a slave to the To Do list. I usually make a list each morning of the things I need to get to that day. I love checking things off the list. And the next day, I start by looking at what I didn't get to the day before and put those items on my new list.

Sadly, if I forget to put stuff on the list, it just doesn't get done.

And there are things that are on my list every day, like working on my book. Some "to do's" just take a lot longer to complete than others.

Often I think that these lists get in the way of more creativity, that perhaps they impede real 'a-ha' moments as I focus on checking stuff off of the lists. But last night, at our most recent Rockstar meeting, we got through the entire "to do" list for the meeting. I was excited that we got so much done, and energized that it seems like we've now taken the first steps in our product development adventure. We've officially left the discussion phase and have entered the doing phase of our first product.

So this morning, I'm loving my "to do" list and looking forward to checking items off one by one.

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