Sunday, May 4, 2008

Banging your head against the glass ceiling

Sometimes I wonder why I've chosen to head out on my own, start my own company, instead of working my way up within an organization to take over.

I know one reason. I'm much too impatient for the investment of time that would take.

Here's another reason. It's not that likely that it would work out like I'd want it to, even if I tried to do everything "right."

For any woman out there who has had this debate with herself before, here's an uplifting article about the first woman to almost be appointed the head of a Wall Street firm. Almost.

Try not to be too distracted by the "she cried to manipulate situations" or her being labeled "too emotional." Or the cringe-inducing ending where she's currently described as growing her hair out and "looking beautiful."

And try not to take it too personally, sisters, that somehow this company was able to pin the lionshare of responsibility for losses due to the housing crash on a single person. A woman.

Just another reason why maybe starting your own company is the best way to run a company.

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