Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's not getting done

I'm still in a bit of recovery mode, and what's making me crazy is all of the things that aren't getting done while I'm sitting waiting for my incision to heal.

It's not that I'm doing nothing, it's really just the long mental list of to-do's that is making no progress. What am I doing instead of checking stuff off my list?

  • Blogging (obviously)
  • Following up on LinkedIn messages
  • Watching old episodes of tv shows that were still saved on TiVo
  • Celebrating my son's 5th birthday
  • Surfing college job boards online for resumes

What isn't getting done?

  • Workshops that I'm going to design
  • Demos for upcoming presentations
  • My book
  • Tandem's mission/vision/values statements
  • Finding new office space
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Besides my son's birthday, you see the "not getting done" list is definitely more important. Guess its time to stop using my surgery as an excuse, since most of these things could definitely be worked on during my recovery.

So, take a look at your to-do list and your getting done list. If they aren't the same, what's your excuse?

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