Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I pried myself out of my recovery bed to vote in the PA primary today. I'm not spilling my selections, but I am a registered Democrat so I had a chance to jump in on the Hillary-Obama smackdown.

Whoever you vote for, I really believe you should make every effort to vote. But what sways your opinion of who to vote for?

I happen to live in Chester County, which was designated by the media and whoever else pays attention to this stuff as a key battleground in PA. I have been inundated with communication from both Hillary and Obama. Heck, Bill even called me (ok, it was recorded, but imagine you pick up the phone and you hear Bill Clinton on the line? And he was inviting me to a party. Wait...maybe this wasn't an election call?)

Neither Barack nor Michelle called me, but they did send some Obama Girls to my house. They were nice, not pushy. And some other Obama canvassers left an AWESOME voting info door hanger.

Overall, Obama wins the marketing campaign on personal attention and quality of contact and information. Hillary did pimp out Bill though. But I didn't make it to the party last night.

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