Sunday, April 6, 2008

What's your blogging style?

I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs, especially after attending the Virtual Worlds Conference last week. I've noticed a few unique styles:

  • Totally personal, informal, basically updates on what happened during the day
  • Academic, look how much I know about this topic
  • Somewhere in between--anecdotal with a message

I hadn't really thought about my style before I started blogging. I knew I wouldn't fall into the first category because I'm just not going to blog about my kids or my clients. If I had lots of time, and perhaps a more serious personality, I have a lot of respect for the academic blogs. In fact, a few of them I read today I was really envious of--long, descriptive passages about the potential for virtual worlds that made me wish I had written them. Except part of me just thinks these blogs are trying too hard to impress people. I know a lot of smart people who fall into that trap of wanting to always prove they are smart and end up seeming pretentious. I'm well past feeling the need to prove my intelligence.

Which is why maybe I've fallen into the third category. I like reading blogs that make a point through storytelling. Or at least stories that make you think. Or interesting people that share unique perspectives. So maybe I've ultimately been trying to write stuff that I'd like to read, in the style that I'd prefer to read it in. Emphasis on trying.

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