Sunday, April 27, 2008

The last day of 33

Back in 1997, when I got my first email account, I was shocked to find that there was actually already someone who had (I've long assumed that I'll never run into another Koreen and so when faced with the fact that there are other Koreens out there, I'm still always a bit surprised.) I had just finished up an online quiz on which I had scored a 33. And so for 11 years, I've been koreen33.

Last year when I turned 33, I had no idea what a big year it would be for me. In the past 12 months, I've managed to figure out more of a balance between home and work. I figured out, for the time being, what to do in the education of the two oldest Olbrish kids. My grandma passed away from colon cancer. I started writing my first book. I started this blog. At the 11th hour I had my first surgery. Oh, and I left my job and started my own company.

Today's the last day of my 33rd year. Farewell, 33. I'll look back on you fondly, for the chapters that closed and the new ones that began. 34 has a lot to live up to...

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