Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday, the middle Olbrish kid had his tonsils and adenoids removed and the tubes in both his ears replaced. He didn't really know what he was getting into going into surgery; he knew that his throat was going to be sore, he knew that everyone was talking about it. To a 5 year old, that makes something a pretty big deal and I don't think its a stretch to say he was excited.

Fast forward two hours to the recovery room. I'd been twittering and checking email, keeping track of what was going on at work, with accounting issues, with client projects. I, too, was blissfully unaware. I had barely thought of what was facing me when I walked in and saw my son, gagging and gasping for air, in and out of consciousness and obviously in pain. 

I don't think its a stretch to say that there are moments when you have clarity and perspective. I get so nose-down in my work that I hesitate to say that those moments are more rare these days. This company has been like a really needy child and I've been an attentive mother. But my real children, they will always be the priority. In fact, they are a big reason I'm doing all this in the first place. 

Being a mom is a really tough job. No matter what anyone says, women who work carry an enormous amount of guilt. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and requires a ridiculous amount of time. Trying to do both, sometimes I think its just crazy. It probably is. The enormity of it all, the guilt...its just simply overwhelming. And yet, I can't imagine my life without my three kiddos, and I can't imagine my life without this company. So I'll keep juggling with good intentions and high hopes that this will all work out and someday my kids will be proud of me.

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