Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Authoress

Last year I put together the first draft of a book. It was done by the end of summer, and I needed to go back and edit it to make sure it met my initial objectives. Fast forward 6 months: I'm still editing that first draft. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, it is taking forever. 

I'm a really fast writer. I can write faster than almost anyone I know. Not fiction, mind you, but the kind of writing that college professors seemed to like. The kind of writing that would be pretty acceptable for the book that I'm working on.

But I hate editing. I don't have patience for it. Once something is done, I have a hard time looking back (I'm usually already on to the next thing). I'm more than happy to hand my stuff over to someone else to comment on or review, just so I never have to look at it, or think through it, again. 

This book is important to me and it is demanding my attention. I WANT to edit it. I WANT to look at it again, think it through again. I want to make sure that I'm communicating what I intend to. I want to get it (as close as I can) right. 

That said, wanting to do it and liking it are two very different things.