Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top # of reasons you should buy my new book, Immersive Learning

It's official! The book is out!

(Ok, technically you could have already pre-ordered it, but today was the official announcement from my publisher, ASTD)

Having stole my own thunder yesterday, I'd like to celebrate the official release by listing the top # of reasons to buy Immersive Learning. I don't know how many reasons I'll come up with, and I titled this blog first, so the exact number of top reasons is a mystery even to me until this post is published. Actually, I'm not even going to count :)

Here we go! Reasons to buy Immersive Learning:
  • You believe that learning is better when it's not passive. 
  • You've ever said "Practice makes perfect," or quoted that "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" quote. 
  • You think performance objectives are more meaningful than learning objectives.
  • You've ever created an avatar. 
  • You think there must be a better way to assess learning than multiple choice questions. 
  • You have a smartphone. 
  • You've ever played house, army, or, if you were like me, "store."
  • You prefer green apples.
  • You're related to me. 
  • You've played one of my ARGs.  
  • You want to know what an ARG is. 
  • You know who the Underpants Gnomes are. 
  • You work in corporate learning and want to learn a new design skill to add to your designer toolbox. 
  • You work in higher education and want to engage your students in meaningful practice.
  • You work as a K12 teacher and you're looking for ways to transition your classroom to Common Core.
  • You want to flip your classroom or training and want to create amazing application activities with  all that time you used to spend lecturing. 
  • You have a favorite character from a movie or tv show that you quote. 
  • You made a resolution with me and my book can help. 
  • I used you as an example in it.
  • I used someone you know as an example in it. 
  • You are looking for a book to give a great Amazon review. 
  • You haven't spent all of your holiday money on Candy Crush yet. 
  • You believe knowing something and doing it are two totally different things.
  • You heard me speak at a conference and I made some sense.
  • You want to design meaningful and effective learning experiences.  
I'm sure there are more! If you think of any, please add them in the comments. And thank you, THANK YOU, for all of your support!


  1. My reason for buying:
    I read the free first chapter and loved it

    1. Thanks so much, Michael! That is an excellent reason...I should have thought of that one! :)

  2. My reason for buying, "Hey, I know her!!" Congratulations Koreen

    1. Thanks Mike! I would have never guessed all those years ago that I would someday write a book!

  3. Congrats on the release of the book, Koreen. Meeting you and discussing this project was one first things I did when taking on the Community Manager role at ASTD. It was fun discussing the concept with you and seeing it come alive. Congrats on writing a great book!