Thursday, October 2, 2008

Activity leads to sales

A very wise friend told me when I first took on a sales role, not knowing the first thing about how to sell training, that activity leads to sales. The philosophy being that if you're working towards selling (contacting people, making connections, cold calling, etc.) that eventually you will sell something.

Of course, you can't just do any old thing. Just ANY activity will not lead to sales. But if you're following up with people, doing capabilities presentations, having actual conversations with prospective clients about their needs AND if you've got solutions to their problems, then you should eventually sell something.

This week has been all about activity. A few capabilities presentations, lots of emails and conversations, and future meetings set up. Its a good thing. I think we're being strategically active and I'm wondering if whatever sales result will push us into 2009 on a wave. A wave of sales is not a bad wave to be riding.

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