Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Session blog: Using Virtual Worlds for Supporting Business and Enterprise

The following are my notes from a session at Virtual Worlds London...apologies for the sketchiness, I was taking notes live.

Dr. Sara de Freitas, Director of Research
SGI (Serious Games Institute)
Coventry University Technology Park

  • by 2011 80% of all active internet users will have an avatar (Gartner)
  • currently 80 vws, next year another 100, (100+ aimed at kids)
  • studies demonstrating the efficacy of serious games for training
  • wide uptake of social software (eg, facebook, wikipedia)
  • lines between vws, games and social software are blurring
How can you use virtual worlds in business?
  • support b2b collaboration and communication
  • meet with customers remotely located
  • provide training for sales staff
  • provide mentoring and support staff

*Business Nexus Island (SL)
*New hire orientation on OLIVE

Spending on Gaming:
by 2011, $12.5 billion US, $48.9 billion Global

Demo of serious game: 

***Data shows significant difference in learning between traditional learning and game play

"New" research on efficacy
Edgar Dale, Cone of Learning (Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching (3rd Edition) Holt
Chi et al 1989

Strengths of virtual worlds for learning:
  • accelerated learning
  • engagement
  • motivation
  • role-plays
  • rehearsal
  • longevity of learning
  • experiential/exploratory learning

Will Virtual Worlds change how we do business?
*Virtual Philadelphia

KO commentary:
I thought this was the best session I attended. One reason, it wasn't a panel. Another, it focused on learning and research, and let's face it...that's my thing. I think the opportunity for data and case studies emerging in the next 6 months that demonstrate superior learning outcomes in these types of training programs is all but guaranteed. Once these outcomes have been proven, the future of enterprise learning will change forever.

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