Monday, September 29, 2008


I went away this weekend, and I didn't take my laptop (gasp!). Ok, honestly I still had my cell phone and my iphone, so it wasn't like I was completely cut off. But something about not having my laptop with me made me feel like I couldn't work, even if I wanted to.

It was fantastic.

I went shopping. I sat on the beach. I had drinks on a rooftop bar. I didn't work.

I'm back in the office today, and yes, back to the glowing pixels I know so well. As much as I'm happy to be back, part of me wants to turn the laptop back off and fly down to the beach for a little while longer. Sometimes its good to forget all the stuff going on and pretend like I'm a normal girl. Maybe when I retire someday I'll be a waitress at a restaurant on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

Then again, maybe it'd be better to own the restaurant.

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