Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Glass half empty

I'm usually a glass half full kinda girl. I tend to believe the best of people, and try to see the best in any situation. This week, although its only Tuesday, I've been noticing that I've lost some of my usual positivity (is that a word?).

I don't think negativity is helpful. I don't think anyone accomplished anything great by thinking negative thoughts. Great accomplishments are achieved by thinking that the impossible is possible, the ultimate in positive thinking.

Maybe its the prospect of the suddenly full dance card on the project horizon. Maybe its the reality of new relationships after the honeymoon phase is over. Maybe its the overwhelming desire to have something to show already for all this hard work the last few months. Maybe its knowing that however hard things have been so far, they are very likely to get harder. Maybe its the feeling that all this ultimately falls on me.

Wah, poor me. Because when I really think about it, we've done some pretty amazing things in 7 months. And although things will get harder, I'm not in this alone. Some of my very best friends are right here in the trenches with me. How can I feel negative with my amigos by my side?

So, I'm raising my half full cup to you, my friends. Let's drink to our success.

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