Monday, March 24, 2008

Signs you are doing something right...

Everyday I feel like I'm drowning in stuff that hasn't gotten done, or things I'm doing wrong. But I had a few conversations today, that after reflection, are probably signs I'm actually doing something right. If you recognize them, they might be signs that help you feel like you're doing something right, too.

  • Clients call you asking you to do more work for them
  • Old colleagues email you asking for a job
  • Clients call you asking for a job
  • You confuse your accountants--because you, in this one instance, actually know MORE than them about how to manage your company's finances
  • You understand the rest of the conversation with your accountant
  • Someone you are wooing to come work with you says yes
  • Someone who already said yes asks for more input into the start up process just because they want to be part of something cool
  • You take time to meet your spouse and kids for lunch because you're the boss now and can do that stuff sometimes
  • You schedule lunch, or drinks, with a competitor
  • You schedule lunch, or drinks, with an old friend so you can gossip about stuff that has nothing to do with work

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