Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Bloomfire interview: What book has inspired you?

I was so flattered to be approached for an interview by the brilliantly innovative guys at Bloomfire for an interview on their blog. The key question Nemo Chu posed to me was "what book has inspired the way I approach corporate training?"

You can see my full interview here.

It's a great question, and I'd love to hear what books have inspired you or changed the way you look at training, learning, design...

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  1. For me it has been Work Smarter: Informal Learning in the Cloud by Jay Cross & Friends. This book coupled with my PLN and my following of the key players in the Internet Time Alliance has led to a paradigm shift for me in terms of how I approach learning and my role in an organization. I have had many titles and responsibilities over the years from elearning specialist to ISD but my value in an org is as Performance Specialist directly tied to business objectives not training objectives. My scope of influence now extends far beyond the confines on an L&D dept and reaches into both the learnscape & workscapes of the organization.

    This unbook has been a constant source of inspiration; providing conceptual ideas and best principles that I work into practical solutions on an almost daily basis.