Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attack of the Classic Games: SIEGE ARG

So excited to be attending and speaking at the SIEGE conference this weekend--even more excited about the work we have done to put together an ARG with the collaborative efforts of Silly Monkey, Getting Girls in the Game, and Design Marbles.

Tomorrow, we'll be proud to announce the Attack of the Classic Games ARG.

This ARG is a bit different, since it will be mainly played during the actual conference. There will be online components and lots of onsite play. I'm looking forward to seeing what a conference full of gamers do in comparison with the learning audiences we usually design for.

And I'm really looking forward to hearing Nolan Bushnell speak!


  1. Love SIEGE - favorite conference - can't wait to hear Nolan Bushnell and other speakers. - and the georgia game developers association suite party! always a fun time. let games begin

  2. SIEGE is AWESOME! So is the work done by Getting Girls in the Game! Can't wait to see the game in action!

  3. Can't wait to watch how the teams evolve throughout the conference. Who will win?! SIEGE is such a great event!