Monday, February 16, 2009

Three cool things you need to check out

Cool thing #1: If you've been following my conference commentary over the last year, its probably no surprise that I have some pretty clear ideas of what has made a conference good and what has made conferences not so valuable. Finally, someone is ASKING for these opinions! Check out Jay Cross's blog, answer his quick survey and give your opinion too. Love the title, PowerPoint is Tyranny

Cool thing #2: Nick Wilson released his free eBook, Virtual Worlds for Business, on the Clever Zebra website. Go get it and read it. I don't agree with all of his assessments, especially on the learning opportunities of different virtual world platforms. But I am SO happy to see this information being compiled and distributed. And case studies!!! Thanks Nick--looking forward to details on the upcoming conference!

Cool thing #3: Just saw Jane Bozarth's latest blog on what ID/trainer tools people DIDN'T mention they use in their daily practice...namely, ROI tools. I'm not surprised. Not just because I just blogged about this, but because I'd be willing to guess that Jane didn't get a whole lot on how people are conducting needs analyses either. Until we start bridging this gap of best practice versus actual practice, we're failing to lead our profession.


  1. RE Cool thing # 3: Actually, I DID get lots of contributions re needs analysis. So many I couldn't use them all, in fact. And, actually, on evaluation in general. It was ROI that was conspicuously missing. Table of contents is available online at the book's site on Amazon (Bozarth, 'From Analysis to Evaluation').

  2. Very interesting, Jane! So, I wonder many people were actually using the needs analysis tools in their daily practice? Maybe there's hope? :)