Sunday, February 22, 2009


Two of my favorite people, the Hedgehogs Without Borders, bought me a gift during their travels around the lucky cat, Mojo. Supposedly, my lucky Asian kitty will bring me luck and fulfill my wishes through the back and forth waving of his squeaky left paw. 

I'm not ashamed to admit, I am totally superstitious. Mojo kitty did a great job of wish fulfillment in his first year--everything I wrote down and put under his lustrous gold exterior DID actually come true. He didn't always work for other people, but he worked for me. Then I left my old job, and Mojo got packed away in my office knicknacks. Since his triumphant return out of storage, I haven't been wishing too much. The one wish I did have (of course a SMART objective) he did not see fit to grant, at least not in the specified timeframe. And I haven't been providing him with the typical incentivizing cat fact, his squeaky arm stopped waving a few weeks ago and I've not yet rejuvinated him with a new AA battery. 

What happened to my Mojo?

You can't neglect your dreams. Writing them down, in an of itself a form of actualization, does give them power. Nurturing your crazy ambitions does help to make you realize them. I'm not so superstitious that I think Mojo can make things happen all on his own--he is a symbol of my goals. I think I'm going to bring him some catnip tomorrow morning.

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