Thursday, January 1, 2009

To do in '09

I don't make resolutions, but I do make lists. Resolve is finicky, but when I've got something to do on my list, there's much better chance that thing is getting done. 

Here's my business to do list for 2009, based on my learnings from 2008. 
  • Get contracts in place and finalized for any outstanding agreements, and don't start any new ventures without a contract in place from the beginning (I'm sure the sharkweasel will love this one...)
  • Review company financials and make adjustments on a weekly basis
  • Publish my book 
  • Speak/present at three or more events
  • Keep up with this blog and put some energy and thought into my new company blog
  • Meet 3 of my Twitter friends that I've never met in person
  • Explore 3 new social media tools and determine their usefulness for learning
  • Get 3 new clients 
  • Realize quarter over quarter growth
  • Resume the Rockstar meetings
  • Establish individual performance goals for each of the Rockstars
  • Hit our sales goals
  • Write another book
  • Hold a conference 
Not a long list, right? Just a few little things to do this year. 365 days to check 14 things off my list. Let's get this party started.

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