Tuesday, June 10, 2008


There's some sort of magic in the first year you are married. Everything is exciting, figuring out your partnership with your spouse, each others roles and responsibilities. You're both happy and scared at the same time. What if you can't make each other happy? How do you deal with the inevitable problems that arise? How can you balance your new life together, taking each other into consideration, with your individual goals, wants, and needs?

I think our little corporate adventure is experiencing a similar adjustment in our first year. We rockstars really are rockstars, each with our own strengths and weaknesses, experience and expertise. We're all committed to making this work. Inevitably, though, there are tensions. Who's taking care of what? Is anyone upset if I take this over? Is this my responsibility or yours? Will (s)he be pissed if I give a brutal critique? What if my style is irritating to someone else?

We just have to remember we're all working toward the same goal. We all want the same thing. We're all smart people. So, like newlyweds, we're just going to have to learn each others' little quirks, and hopefully love each other all the more for it. In a corporate way, of course.

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