Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm a big fan of trinities. We have a product in demo development for B2B, and another DTC (direct to consumer) product following close behind. All weekend I've been thinking about doing something perhaps a little more noble, based on a great conversation with a fellow Rockstar on Friday. A third leg of Tandem Learning to flesh out the trinity, perhaps.

We are a learning company, and as such, I'd like to think we're not limited in the types of training that we do. So, we're now exploring some ideas to use virtual world technology for therapy--my background in speech pathology got me thinking about the stroke patients that I worked with to rebuild communication skills. My fellow Rockstar has met all kinds of interesting people who use virtual world technology to work with kids with autism, and people with various disabilities that use virtual worlds for all sorts of interesting purposes.

I'm feeling decidedly optimistic about the third leg of the Tandem Learning tripod...

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