Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So, I got my laptop...and a bank account

My laptop is sweet. Not in an "awww, shucks!" kind of way, but in a "yeah, baby!" way. I'm feeling more official everyday.

This morning was the setting up the bank account adventure. I forgot my checkbook and EIN number (knew I forgot the former, thought I had the latter). It didn't matter, though, because when I got to the bank, meeting my new bookkeeper and wife of my "sister company" supporter, the Assistant Manager told us the printers were down and we couldn't do all of the paperwork without a printer. Luckily, their IT folk fixed the issue while I was calling my lawyer's paralegal to get the EIN number. It all worked out, but I felt totally bush league. I need to get my files in order. I need to get a folder, at least.

So now I can write checks, and receive checks (this one is more important!). And I can show up to a client with a laptop. Hallelujah!