Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laptop? Where are you?

I've now been working for seven days without a laptop. I can't have a conversation with anyone without mentioning it. When I turned in the basketload of gadgets leaving my last gig, I thought giving up my Blackberry would be the toughest. As a pre-emptive strike, I bought an iPhone, and although there are some distinct differences from my Blackberry, I finally got my hotmail connected to my iPhone (thanks izymail!) and now my roaming email needs are not a problem. Plus I can watch this YouTube video whenever I want.

So it seems that the big problem is the laptop, the one piece of equipment I have taken for granted. I was a little worried about this happening, but I really only thought I'd be waiting a day or two. It's now seven days (did I mention that already? SEVEN days??). I've been working on my desktop at home, which means my one year old remembers every 14 minutes that I'm home, in the other room, and comes running in screaming MAMA! with no concern to whether I'm on the phone with a client or not.

I'm thinking of creating a countdown to laptop arrival, but I don't know what I'm counting down to...I may be counting down to my imminent breakdown. Which seems like it could happen after SEVEN DAYS without a laptop....