Friday, July 16, 2010

It takes a village to build a community

We've been busy behind the scenes planning for the Tandem Learning Innovation Community (TLIC). As excited as we've been to get things started, there are just some logistics that need to get taken care of, things that need to be planned, strategies to be set. And the truth is, we have questions...questions that we need the community to answer. We could certainly move forward with the things, strategies, initiatives that we're interested in, but this community is all of ours and we need all of our input to shape it. So let me pose some questions here with the intent to collect your feedback...let's plan the path forward together...

  • What technologies are the most interesting to the TLIC? Are there technologies you'd like to learn more about? Are their particular companies or products that would be interesting to feature?

  • In the interest of continuing a research arm of the TLIC, are their companies that would be interested in participating in or contributing to research or case studies? We have been exploring partnerships with several universities, but would love to see what, if any, interest there is for companies to contribute to the research initiatives.

  • We're considering moving the community off of the LinkedIn site, although we are hoping to maintain the link to our LinkedIn profiles. If there were no restrictions, what would be useful features/functionality on a community site, or what might you find most valuable?

  • We're thinking of holding our first networking event on our Second Life island (in development) in early/mid August. We were planning for the first event to be an open discussion to address some of the above questions and pose some additional opportunities. What kind of structure have you found most beneficial in the past for Innovation Community events? What would you like to see more of?

We're looking forward to your input and perspectives and will be announcing details of our first official TLIC event soon! Stay tuned...

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