Thursday, June 10, 2010

Throwing caution to the wind

I just read the post Writing cautiously blows by Janet Clarey and wow, its like she's in my head.

Oh know how much I get in trouble for calling it like I see it? A LOT. I've offended people, had to apologize, been accused of not being "political" enough and have even taken a blog post down.

I get the "cautious" writing, but it's just not me...I write like I think/talk and I don't mind at all if people fact, I like to be challenged.

I think the thrill of writing, and of life, is throwing it all out there...if you don't take risks and welcome new challenges, it's impossible to grow, to be better. Caution leads to comfort, and comfort leads to death of your spirit :)

So let's get into trouble, Janet...I've got your back!

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