Monday, April 26, 2010

What's your theme song?

A few months back, we had a discussion in the office about what music we would have playing if we ever were a guest on a talk show. You know...what music would be your entrance music, what music would you have playing as you make your way across the stage, onto the field, or into the room. This song, this music, should represent you...make you feel something...inspire you. It should tell people something about who you are. It should make you want to should make Ellen get up and dance with you.

The funny thing is that theme songs, kinda like nicknames, are hard to pick for yourself. While on some level you have to embrace your song, it also has to mean something to other people. In other words, not only do you have to embrace your theme song, but it should make other people think of you.

Sports teams have long used music, and theme songs, to fire up their players and the fans. In Cincinnati, Bengals players and fans know that Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses signals the beginning of the game.  The Seattle Seahawks play The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony whenever they have something to celebrate, and the New England Patriots have a tradition of entering the field to Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train.

We all know that music activates a different part of the brain for memory and recall; its why stroke patients who lose the ability to speak can often sing fluently. Music helps us tie meaning to emotion and strengthens our social connection to others through shared understanding and experiences.

What if our organizations had theme songs? What if your learning organization had a theme song? What would it be? And what does that theme song say about your organization?

Our theme songs are not just who we are, but who we aspire to be. They show what makes us unique, provide a window into our personalities, and motivate us to get up and do things. Do big things. Do cool things. Do things that will make a difference.

As a little inspiration, here are some of the Tandem Learning members' theme songs...

Koreen Olbrish: Because I'm Awesome, The Dollyrots

Jedd Gold: Solid Gold, Marilyn McCoo

Marcus Hswe: Walk this Way, Run DMC with Aerosmith

Kristen Cromer: That's the Way I Like It, KC and the Sunshine Band

Stacey Blitz: Ballroom Blitz, Sweet

So what is your theme song?