Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keeping up appearances

We're continuing to make progress on our demos; the Design Docs are done, the wireframes in place, and the specs outlined. Now we're at the scary point that we start defining what these things actually look like.

You know when you meet someone on the phone, but have never actually seen them? Based on their voice, and the content/context of your conversation, you start to make assumptions about their appearance. Text chatting is even more far removed and allows your mind to make assumptions purely on what people type.

When you do finally see the person, your mind often has to reconcile your assumptions with reality. Sometimes people look exactly how you expected them to. More often, they look much different, and you are surprised...sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not.

We're at the same point with our demos. We're defining styles as much as we can, but to a certain extent, these products haven't shown us their faces yet. I'm looking forward to *meeting* them in person.

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