Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Murphy desk

It shouldn't be shocking to me, but a joke we were making last week is no longer a joke, thanks to a little article I found today.

We had been talking about working around the clock, and how it would be great if our desks could convert into a bed so we could either a) grab a nap, or b) work round the clock. Obviously the nap idea is more appealing, but unfortunately option b is more likely.

Today I found this: (copied from actual article)

SmartBeds Computer Beds
Italian designer Colombo 907's SmartBeds are the cleverest Murphy beds we've seen yet, and good-looking to boot. The Tale model ($3,650) is a single-size bed that folds up to become a computer desk. Astonishingly, you don't have to move anything off the desk to open the bed. In fact, you can leave everything plugged in, and your desktop remains fully accessible when the bed is open, so you can grab your laptop or a book to read.

The Tale comes in six finishes. It includes a 6-inch-thick foam mattress and has a fingertip lift mechanism.
Meanwhile, the Tama model ($5,386), a full or queen-size double-bed version of the SmartBed, is perfect for a home office that doubles as a guest room. The Tama is the full-size double-bed version of this item.

Sadly, this actually does seem like a good idea.

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